completed: rainy night pajamas

i finished the oliver & s sleepover pajamas for the kids clothes week challenge!  i think they turned out pretty adorably!  charles (my blue dress) has to be finished by wednesday, so i had to put the school photo dress on hold for a few weeks.  i do tend to bite off more than i can chew!

“always aim for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” -W. Clement Stone

i love to put a little tag or ribbon at the back of the clothes i make for the bee.  i think it’s a fun little detail that i often forget, so i was really happy that oliver & s wrote this as a “hint” in their instructions.

i love these colors together.  the combination seemed so familiar and pleasing to me and i couldn’t quite figure out why… then i realized that these are the colors of the bee’s nursery when we lived in brooklyn!  i loved her tiny little 65 square foot room…

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