it’s kids clothing week time again!

i have been taking a very long break from sewing clothes for myself and the bee to focus strictly on creating stuffed toys, but i miss sewing clothing a lot.  i feel like i was just starting to get it!  interestingly, i do feel like learning to sew garments has helped me to understand sewing soft toys better, and vice-versa.  for a sculpture and textile design major, i have been incredibly slow at understanding pattern drafting to make 3-dimensional shapes.  or maybe i’m just be being too hard on myself!  anyway, i just learned that kcw (formerly kcwc) is starting again at the end of april, so i am going to use that as an excuse to only sew for the bee for a whole week.  i’m excited!

i set some limitations for myself this time: i’m only using fabric from my stash, and i’m not purchasing any new patterns.  i’m also trying to plan way in advance, and take little steps toward getting ready each week prior to april 22nd.  i want to be able to focus on sewing that whole week, and hopefully create more than one garment!  so far, i’ve gathered and washed all my fabric, and i’m working on tracing/editing my pattern pieces and cutting them out.


what am i going to make?  i’m so glad you asked!  i’m going to finish this dress, finally. and i found a great basic pants pattern/tutorial, which i will fancy up with heart knee pads and fun pockets and stuff.

and since i’m not one to set reasonable, attainable goals, i am going to try sewing with knits.  i did a “rubbing” of one of the bee’s raglan-sleeve shirts and created a pattern from it.  i plan to use an awesome cowboy-printed sheet for the front and back, and an old red t-shirt for the sleeves.  and i have tons of old t-shirts to use, in case my first try doesn’t go well.  i found some really great resources for sewing with knits that i’ve been reading up on… MadMim has an awesome series called Stretch Yourself, and Made By Rae also has a series on sewing with knits (perhaps also called Stretch Yourself?).  i think these will be incredibly helpful when i’m screaming at a tangled mess of thread and fabric in a few weeks!

i’ll be sure to post pictures of my progress, and hopefully of some cute clothes at the end of april!

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