a foxy dress

i am working on a new dress.  this will be for the bee eventually (i just pinned the fabric to my dress form to be able to look at it and make some decisions), but when it’s complete, will hang in the window of fiddlehead artisan supply in belfast, maine.  i’m pretty excited about sewing samples for them, and have been working on a bunch of other things that i’ll be sharing over the next few weeks.


isn’t this fabric sweet!  they’re having a little party.  and i love the colors.


and do you see that vintage bassinet over there?  it’s so old and funky and i love it!  i put all my yarn in it, which would look so much better if it weren’t stored in plastic bags to protect from cats and moths.  one day i will have a studio, separate from the house, and it will be cat hair free and it will be GLORIOUS.

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