a rosy dress for the bee!

i can’t believe it’s kids clothes week again already! can halloween costumes count?!

i’m in full-on halloween costume mode, so i’m being a bit lazy, and am sharing a few things that i finished a week or two ago… i made this playtime tunic and leggings by oliver & s, in heather ross’s briar rose calico knit, and i wasn’t lying when i said i loved this collection!


i really like both of these pieces. i do think that the tunic/dress pattern is designed to be sewn with a woven fabric, and it just happens to work with a knit. the interfacing and facing are just kind of too much, and if i made this with a knit again, i would eliminate the facing and use a ribbing at the top. that being said, i really love the tunic and want to make it in tons of different (woven) fabrics.


peter pan collar stitching detail…


this is a 3T in the tunic length, which is totally a dress on the bee. i love the dropped shoulder seams and high waist. wouldn’t this be adorable in plaid flannel? or with huge patch pockets?



the leggings pattern is awesome and simple, but i chose a fabric with too much stretch (100% cotton and no recovery!), so the knees get blown out in about five minutes. but the bee loves orange, and she doesn’t care about stretched out pants at all. win!

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