kids clothing week challenge

today i signed up for the kids clothes week challenge over at elsie marley.  i’ve been accidentally following this project for a few years now, always stumbling upon someone’s blog and their amazing creations and saying ‘oh, i should be doing that’. well here i am.  doing that.

i’ve got a lot on my plate (self-imposed mostly) and it’s all coming to a bit of a head within the next two weeks.  so here’s to craziness and sewing and late nights!

i’ve already got my fabric washed and ready to go…

3 responses to “kids clothing week challenge

      • I’ve decided to make the Melly Sews blazer. I have a length of thirfted corduroy that I think will really work. I spent the weekend getting all of my pant pieces in order.


        I love the school days jacket. If this works out, I might buy the pattern. It’s just available digitally now, but I know I saw a couple of paper copies on Etsy.

        Thanks for stopping by!

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