while i love our new-ish rental house here in maine, it is very poorly insulated. it’s only september, it gets down into the 40’s at night, and in the morning it’s really cold in here. i tend to freak out, overdress us both, then head outside, only to find out that it’s a lovely 50 or 60-something degrees and climbing.  we have the opposite of a passive house.  ours apparently specializes in absorbing and retaining cold air all night long, and releasing it slowly all day, warming only for a short period in the late afternoon when we take off all our clothes and run around (no we don’t).

anyway, enough complaining.  slippers for the bee seemed like a good idea, so I whipped these up in two nights. they were super easy, sort of an adaptation from a crocheted baby booty pattern, and i added some leather soles cut from some scraps i had lying around (from a past life) to the bottoms for non-slippery-ness.  sewing leather was kinda icky, frankly, but i feel good about using up every little scrap i have so that nothing goes to waste.  i’m not sold on the flower, as it’s huge, but i do think it needs something there.  when i figure it out i’ll post new pictures.

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