5 muslins and counting

i’m trying to make a dress for a wedding, and i also keep trying to write a post about it. every time i get a decent draft going, i work on the dress for a bit and it changes.  so here’s where it was monday:


today it is quite different.  empire waist and no sleeves, plus a large inverted box pleat in the center.  and it’s shorter.

i started with the Pastille Dress from Colette Sewing Handbook, and then changed it completely.  the bodice needed so many adjustments to fit; i couldn’t bring myself to spend as much time adjusting the skirt.  so i just threw on the “Full, Gathered Skirt” from Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing, which was incredibly easy.  and here we are.

5 muslins later and i’ve learned a ton, but i’m starting to panic!  kcwc is next week and we leave for the wedding in sunny california on the 18th.  eek!

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