technique-a-week: flat felled seam

i’m just cruising through the seam finishing pages of my vogue sewing book! this week i took on the flat felled seam. this is a seam that’s used often to construct denim jeans, and in menswear such as tailored shirts.

150329_FELLED SEAM_blog_2

150329_FELLED SEAM_blog_1

Some cool stuff on flat felled seams:

  • flat felled seam without a specialty foot on coletterie. (i didn’t even know there was a specialty foot!)
  • an example of a flat felled seam in a men’s shirt sleeve, from uniqlo
  • denim nerds (of which my husband is one) love them some flat felled seams!
  • one cool thing about a flat felled seam is that it is reversible. you can have the raised portion on the face of your garment. here’s a tutorial by by hand london with images that illustrate the seams being utilized on the exterior of the garment. the steps are exactly the same, but you start with sewing wrong sides together. just like the french seam!

UPDATE: i used the vogue sewing book as reference for this seam:

150419_VOGUE_blog_flat felled

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