technique-a-week: self-bound seam

my last seam! woohoo!

it’s been interesting to see the level of raw-edge-coverage that each seam provides. when i made this one the first time, i only folded the seam over once, thus not fully encasing the raw edge. i then realized that this was not correct, and the second time i folded it over twice (creating the tinniest little folded seam eva!), so that there are no raw edges showing. it’s interesting to compare this to the turned and stitched seam, which only hides the raw edges under the seam.

150419_SELF BOUND_1_blog

look at that teeny tiny fold!

150419_SELF BOUND_2_blog

i don’t know why i insist on showing you the face…

the resources:


so that’s it for seams! i’m flip-flopping between pockets or closures for next week… any suggestions?



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