bun carrier

it’s been a busy and challenging few weeks here at casa bee; we’ve been a bit overwhelmed with illnesses and travels. but despite the challenges, i still managed to “re-brand” my blog and social media pages, and to do a little sewing. besides seams, even!

here’s the bee’s new carrier for her stuffed bunny:


the bee received this bunny as a gift from a grandparent (not for easter, surprisingly) and just loves her so much. she tells me so at least seven times a day. it’s pretty cute. so i decided to make her a carrier for the bun; she can keep her hands free and lulu bunbun will always be close by! (sometimes i make things just to make her smile, and i feel very lucky to have that luxury.)



this dress was mine when i was about 6, gifted to me by my grandmother who passed away when i was 8. i’m pretty sure it was my favorite piece of clothing ever as a child, and the bee feels exactly the same way. it’s got some tears after thirty-something years, so it needs to be washed delicately and hung to dry, and i’m constantly being asked if it’s clean yet. i really can’t believe that she tolerates that collar, but the bell in the underskirt probably more than makes up for any discomfort!

she says she feels “more like a mama” when she’s wearing this dress, which is odd because i’m constantly in jeans and t-shirts, and none of our mama-friends are particularly fancy dressers. where do these gender-based notions come from? (don’t say tv – she watches nothing but ocean videos! her choice, not mine.)



at one point i considered writing about how i never wanted to be sewing such “girly” things, and how much i wanted to raise a “tomboy”, but 1) i’m pretty sure i think both of those terms convey negative stereotypes and cannot possibly capture the depth and intricacies of my child’s personality, and 2) negative stereotypes aside, i don’t even think those statements are true anymore. so there you go. sometimes i think i’m learning more about myself and the world through raising a child than she’s learning through me. but maybe we’re even.

here are the deets on the carrier:

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