technique-a-week: faux flat felled seam

i am just two seams away from completing my epic list of technique-a-week seams! woohoo!

introducing the faux flat felled seam:

150411_FAUX FLAT FELLED_blog_1

150411_FAUX FLAT FELLED_blog_2


i love the hot pink on orange; i’m seriously digging this neon pink thread! (it’s guterman 100% poly in color 335.) and i really like how the zigzag and straight stitches line up to create little rows of triangles. i feel like that technique could be used to create some decorative stitching at some point…

so it turns out that you could sew this with two rows of topstitching, and make it look just like the flat felled seam from the outside. pretty cool! but i was so busy being enamored with my neon pink thread and orange fabric that i plum forgot.

some resources:

i decided to revisit some of the previous technique-a-week seam posts and include images from the vogue sewing book where i used that as my reference. i really like how minimal the illustrations are in this book. the authors manage to convey a lot of information in one drawing! you can see updated pics in the following posts:

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