technique-a-week: bias bound seam (and pinked!)

for my second week of technique-a-week, i tackled two seam finishes: bias bound and pinked! (my list of seam finishes is kind of epically long, so i’m going to try to move through them quickly.)

150329_BIAS BOUND SEAM_blog_1

150329_BIAS BOUND SEAM_blog_2_small

i’m already a huge fan of bias tape (i mean, who isn’t amiright?), and i love that the bias bound seam finish gives you the ability to add a fun little contrast color or pattern. i like those little hidden details!

150329_BIAS BOUND SEAM_blog_3

neat and tidy.

i don’t love pinked seams quite so much. i don’t like how crinkly and fuzzy they get after washing, but this time i stitched a little row of straight stitches between the pinked edge and the seam. maybe that would help? my thread color matched too well, but you can see it on the back.

150329_PINKED SEAM_blog_1

150329_PINKED SEAM_blog_2

for both of these, i used my trusty copy of the vogue sewing book, but i did find a few great bias bound seam tutes online. the pinked seam is pretty self explanatory, me thinks!

UPDATE! images from the vogue sewing book:



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