i’m making a newsletterish type thing!

hi there friends! you might not have noticed, but i created a button over there (look right and scroll down a bit) to sign up for my new newsletter! (i don’t particularly love the word newsletter. it sounds so…serious. i think i’ll have to come up with a better word. any suggestions?)

i’m working on my first now, and i hope to be sending one out at the beginning-ish of every month. this will be a easy way for me to let my local friends know about upcoming classes i’ll be teaching in the midcoast maine area. in addition, i’m planning to send along lots of inspiration. i realize that i don’t share much, if any, of that here. i’m hoping that i can use the newsletter, and facebook, to talk more about art, design, science, music, etc that tickles me. i’ll be choosing a theme for each month, and sending images and links centered around that theme. april is all about color! in case you haven’t noticed, i am absolutely wild about color!

150328_RAINBOW PENS_blog_3

this is a giant coloring page we’ve been working on here! isn’t it happy? you can download one from mr. printables!

so if you’re curious about what floats my boat, or just like to get pretty pictures in your inbox, sign on up!

also, i’m working on a little bit of “remodeling” here at hamster and the bee. changes will be coming soon, but here’s a little sneak peek:

Printi’m so excited! stay tuned…

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