skill building workshop: seam finishes

on the heels of my last technique-a-week seam post, i thought it an opportune time to announce that i’ll be teaching a new class this may 16th at clementine in rockland, maine. skill building workshop: seam finishes will cover all eight of the seams i’ve just completed.

and the best part? we’ll sew all the samples together into a sweet little book that you can keep as a reference forever and ever!

150425_SEAM CLASS_4_blog

150425_SEAM CLASS_5_blog

150425_SEAM CLASS_6_blog

materials are provided, and i’ve selected some really lovely voiles, lawns, linens and quilting cottons. we’ll investigate the different weights of the fabrics and talk about which seam finish is appropriate to each.

150425_SEAM CLASS_2_blog

if you’re interested in joining us, please send me an email. i hope to see you!

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