birthday blouse

i actually completed this shirt months ago for the bee’s birthday, but i though i’d post a photo of it here.  i love the little pink vintage button on the back!  i made this from some seersucker stripe scraps and a pillowcase from the goodwill, using oliver & s’s ice cream dress pattern.  i like the idea of sewing with thrifted linens.  It gives the fabric a second life, and the prints can be pretty great.  but i learned from making this shirt that they may not be the sturdiest fabric choice, and in fact may be flimsy, at best!  unfortunately the side seam of this shirt ripped open after wearing it twice.  i only pinked the seam allowances, as i was having difficulty with the underarm curve, so it’s mostly my fault.  it’s easily fixable, but let’s learn from this lesson; always do a test first to be sure that the stitch length and seam finishing works with the fabric choice!

One response to “birthday blouse

  1. Good tip! I just bought a sheet today to make pyjama pants out of (or at least that was the justification) and I was wondering whether or not to bother with french seams. I’m sad to hear about that shirt though — it’s so sweet.

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