working on: winter hat

two out of three household members are feeling under the weather this week.  one of us has fluid running out of her face constantly.  it’s not too pretty here.  {side note: teaching someone to blow their nose is both funny and disgusting.}  we’ve been doing a lot of snuggling and reading, and i’m taking this opportunity to knit.  the bee needs a new hat, so i’m making the Vintage Pixie Cap from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies by Hadley Fierlinger.

i love this book.  i’ve made both Anya’s Cardigan and the Ballet Blossom Cardigan, and the Wee Mittens are next.  last year i made the bee Hadley’s Pom Pom Cap (not from this book, but purchased through Ravelry), which i think turned out unbearably cute.  see for yourself.

i may actually make that hat again this year as well.  honestly, i think i’m going to invest an unreasonable amount of time trying to size up the Pom Pom Cap so she can wear it forever!  (insert maniacal laugh here)

and speaking of ravelry, my user name is ham.  let’s be friends!

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