technique-a-whenever-i-feel-like-it: tuck darts

well, my every week technique plan just fell apart, didn’t it? but i’m ok with that. like every other living, breathing adult, i’ve been busy, and had to prioritize. (side note: i’m making four flower girl dresses for an upcoming wedding in august; i can’t wait to share my plans and the finished dresses with you!)

for now, i do have this sweet little tuck dart to share.

150503_TUCK DARTS_blog_1

this dart is totally adorbs, perfectly befitting it’s ballet pink color. this detail feels very little girl dress to me.

150503_TUCK DARTS_blog_2

i tried two different seam treatments on the back. the one on the right would totally fray in the wash i think, and i’m not sure that pressing the tuck open makes all that much difference on the front.

150503_TUCK DARTS_blog_3

this fabric is confetti border pearlized in blush by michael miller, purchased at clementine.

  • i played around with the tucks on the back after reading this post from the cutting class. this fabric doesn’t have enough body to really be affected by the seam allowance, but it’s such a cool idea.
  • another post from the cutting class, this one on waist darts. these are gorgeous on a skirt in a fabric that drapes well, like zinnia by colette.
  • i followed instructions in my vogue sewing book, and included an image below.

150514_TUCK DARTS_blog_4

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