care packages

remember these?  we were canning and pickling and jamming like crazy this summer, with the hope of having enough bounty to give some as gifts at christmas time.  and we did!


i made custom labels for each type of pickle and jam…


…and we put together care packages for some of our family and friends.  we included jams and pickles, plus we made some other goodies with custom labels.  now i’m no graphic designer, but i think Miss Laidey Bee’s brand stuff turned out pretty ok!  we were in such a huge rush at the holidays (and i was so sick) that i didn’t get any pictures of the goodies themselves, but imagine large and small cellophane bags and cute little boxes filled with yummy treats!

i used a pugly pixel tutorial for letterpress effects to fancy thing up, and i assure you that it looks lovely.  unfortunately this low res image below doesn’t have all the bells and whistles.  i also used the following fonts from the interwebs in my labels: lobster and corki.


these all went into care packages along with a felt pickle ornament.  i got the free pattern from abby glassenberg at while she naps.


i used glass beads instead of french knots because i suck at french knots.  there i said it. i also thought that glass beads would be a funny little nod to the glass pickle.  and he got a tag too!


punny!  i have a bunch more pickles left to bead and gift.  better late than never, right? when i first saw this pattern, i wanted to make a jar of them and give them to mister to keep on his desk at work.  who wouldn’t want all these little smiles to look at all day long?  but alas, his office is not the glass-jar-full-of-felt-pickles-on-your-desk kind of place.  lame, right?


i really loved this whole project.  it combined all of my favorite things: sewing, cooking and baking, and wrapping stuff up pretty!  and we still owe a few to some friends who were out of town at holiday time.


4 responses to “care packages

  1. I Love the felt pickles!!! Do you use a pressure canner or a hot water bath to can your green beans? I’ve been wanting to make some mean beans but keep coming across mixed answers on what method to use for beans.

    • Aww thanks! We used a water bath, but they’re Dilly Beans, which means lots of vinegar that makes it a “safe” pH for canning that way. I think that if you straight up want to just can the beans, then it’s best to pressure can. What are mean beans?! I’m imagining lots of scowling…

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