maple syrup!

y’all, this past sunday was, what’s known in maine as, “maple syrup sunday”!  isn’t that awesome?  a whole day dedicated to sugar!  this year was the 30th anniversary of maple syrup sunday, and over 100 sugarhouses in maine participated.  we visited a MOFGA certified organic farm called Happy Town Farm that produces maple syrup, along with organic produce, flowers and meat….





ice cream! with maple syrup!


this is an evaporator.  it’s wood fired, and reduces the water content in the maple tree sap to make syrup.


2 responses to “maple syrup!

  1. Hi Holly! I like the sound of Maple Syrup Sunday! Sounds like a great excuse for pancakes! 😉 Your blog is very pretty, and I love your sewing creations. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. Joanna 🙂

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