a book for bee

we live about 20-25 minutes away from, well, everything really.  we go into town about twice a week to see friends and do our shopping.  as most parents do, i often pack up crayons or colored pencils and paper, along with some small toys and books, so that the bee has amusements during our errands and visits.  i usually just shove a bunch of paper into my bag, but i thought it might be nice to create a little sketchbook for her, something a little nicer than crumpled up paper.


i put together some photos of the process, but let me be the first to admit that i’m not showing you anything ground-breaking here.  there are tons of resources out there for bookmaking.  i haven’t even looked on the web, but i’ve had books, boxes and portfolios by franz zeier since college and i find it to be a great resource.  this book looks pretty awesome too.  mostly i just wanted to make pretty pictures and play with fonts and arrows!  and a gif!


arrows are from creature comforts

font is amatic from google web fonts

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