our week in photos

i expect to have a kcw update tomorrow, but today i thought i’d share some instagram photos from last week…


the bee and i had breakfast in town, which is a nice treat and may become more regular. she is really serious about that muffin.


we started groundhog-proofing our garden, which means digging a foot-deep trench around the perimeter and lining it with chicken wire.  next up, 36″ tall chicken wire above ground, and then wiring the two together.  we’re quite determined to eat all of our bounty ourselves this year, thankyouverymuch.


we took a break from digging and had our first picnic lunch of the year!  those are the bee’s guests back there, leaning against the potty.  we also found our first three ticks of the year.  i’m trying very hard to not have a panic attack at the thought of any of us getting lyme disease.  again.


working on some pompom flowers


i did a sewing test for the raglan shirt.  i think it’s going to be awesome!


and i decided to embroider a horseshoe on the sleeve!  and this red is REALLY hard to photograph.


you guys, there’s a spider living in my needle box.  he’s little, but still.  i don’t really like it.

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