horsey T!

i completed my first item for kids clothes week!



an embroidered horseshoe!  for luck.


she’s taking pictures with the lens cap.  on her eye.

horsey_shirt_1 horsey_shirt_2

now she’s a rainbow.  obviously.

i really like how the shirt turned out.  it was quite easy to trace one of her existing shirts to make the pattern, and really quick to sew up!  only 5 pattern pieces, and i used my serger to sew almost all of it, completing all the sewing in about an hour and a half.  the only part i’m not crazy about is the collar.  i used some of the red knit folded in half, and it doesn’t have as much stretch as a rib would, so it sits a little funny at her neck.  but you know what?  i would’t let that stop me from making another one.  i also accidentally made the whole shirt kinda long, but it works out well cause she’s got a big round belly to cover.  most of her shirts stop covering her belly first.

the best part?  this cost next to nothing.  i got the cowboy sheet at the goodwill for $2.99, and the red shirt was on its way to the goodwill.  there is so much of the cowboy fabric left that i think i might make some cowboy jammies too!

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