do i heart these pants?


(she was singing and dancing and making funny faces all through this photo shoot!  it was pretty funny.)

i want to heart them so bad, but i only just kind of like them.  i think they’re super cute.  i love the blue with the red and white stripes, and the knee pads turned out better than i had hoped they would.  but the fabric and fit are not so great.  i used the flat front version of dana’s kid pants pattern, and some guidance from her knee pad tutorial.  her tutorials are great; super well-written and very clear.  dana provides a pattern in size 2T-3T, which I compared to a pair of the bee’s pants and i thought seemed ok. unfortunately, the waist is a bit too tight on my big-bellied child, which is not good given that we’re potty-training.  the fabric is what i believed to be cotton or linen, from my mom’s stash.  i was already questioning this fabric, but since i’ve been handling it more, and she’s worn it a bit, i think it’s officially… icky.  we have a term for this in the textile world: sleazy.  it feels a bit like i imagine school uniform fabric feels.  in a see-through summer weight.

still, these are totally wearable, and i really want to revise the pattern for a larger waist, and try them in another fabric.

heart_patch_front heart_patch_back

i rather like the way the back of the patch looks…


i put a little bias tape tag in the back of these pants and in the horsey t-shirt.





knee pads are a good idea.

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