wiener dogs!

right after kids clothes week i decided that during the month of may i would focus on getting every stuffed animal pattern i had started completed.  unfortunately, life keeps getting in the way and i think that one month will not be enough time!  the garden demands my attention and the weather is too beautiful to stay indoors.  (though, once you’re out, the black flies really do try their best to chase you back in.)  but over the weekend i pulled out all of my dachshund trials and made yet another revision.  the brown with pink polka dots version in the front is the first one i made, for the bee of course.  he’s dolly’s dog!


i hope to one day have patterns to sell.  does sewing a stuffed wiener dog interest you?

6 responses to “wiener dogs!

  1. So cute! When I was little I got an “autograph hound” for my birthday that looked like a wiener dog and came with a pen so all my friends could sign it. It was one of my prized possessions! 🙂

  2. So cute! Quinn just said yesterday that he needs a Hundley dog (weiner dog from Curious George). Let me know if you go into production.

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