treasure pocket pants

wow, last week just wiped me out!  i had plans to try to squeeze in one more shirt for kids clothes week over the weekend, but the beautiful spring weather (finally!) and lots of hanging out with friends had me happily distracted.  so i finished this last pair of pants and called the week a success.

treasure pocket pants belly

i used the kid pants pattern/tutorial from dana made it again, plus her pocket pattern. last time, i tried the flat front version, which has elastic only through the back half of the waist, and they were too tight.  so this time i used the original pattern pieces, again putting elastic only through the back, and they fit perfectly!


i created a waist facing pattern piece so that i could add a little floral accent fabric.  the brown is a soft, lightweight cotton that i got a mood when we lived in nyc.

blue stitches

periwinkle topstitching

pocket lining

the pockets are lined with the floral fabric too,

straight chillin'

and are huge – great for filling with treats and treasures!


i’m hoping to post a little recap of the week soon, but i also really want to chill.  we’ll see…

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