the summer of yes! plus, another cap

i went missing for a bit there, huh? i wish i could say that i took a month (plus) long vacation, but alas…only from this blog. life got too busy and overwhelming for me to keep this up.

our summer (my “summer of yes!”, in which i said yes to almost everything and totally wore myself out) was jam-packed with fun. and exhausting. fall is here. if not officially and according to the moon, then at least in temperature and in spirit. and i could not be happier about that. we’ve purchased and are savoring our last cantaloupe and watermelon, and have started happily talking about apple pies.

i plan to share some of my late summer projects over the next few weeks, beginning with this cap that i finished for mister’s birthday.


i think it turned out really well! i used my hat math post, sizing it up for his measurements. i’m thinking of making one for myself, but i’m not sure if we need to be the family with matching hats.

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