completed: foxy dress

i finished the foxy dress!  hooray!


i love these fabrics together, and though i am generally not a fan of sewing clothing with quilting cottons, the hand of these two is really soft and drapey. the pattern is ella’s party dress by fig tree & co.  i wish that i could rave about it, but honestly, i can’t.  i was pretty excited about this in the beginning.  it seemed super easy, and i thought it could be really great in flannel or corduroy for the winter, and voile and pretty dotted swiss for the summer. but i had some issues with this pattern…

1. it’s HUGE.  both in length and width. this is not a size 3, my friends.

2. the bodice is wider at the chest, and narrower at the waist.  see how it’s popping out under the arms?  i kind of think most kids size 3-6 are cylinders, if not wider at the waist and narrower at the chest. but maybe that’s just my kid?

3. the directions recommend snaps, buttons or hook and eye closures.  they do not recommend a button size, nor do they tell you where the buttons, button holes, snaps or hooks and eyes go, which i think could be challenging for a beginner sewer (and i’m fairly certain that this pattern is intended for beginners).  there is a huge difference in the circumference of the bodice if you choose buttons vs hook and eye closures (or button loops, like i did). if i had know it was going to be so big, i would have chosen buttons and button holes.

(i also need to use larger buttons – these are much too small!)


4. lastly, the way that the right side and lining bodice pieces are sewn together makes them not match up well at the shoulder seam.

i’ll probably make all of these changes and make more of these dresses for the bee when she’s bigger. i guess i was just hoping for a higher caliber pattern.

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