a place to hang the clothes

i got some spectacular and much needed alone time this weekend. i was able to cut out patterns for some clothes for myself (yay!), made a bit of progress on a much-belated-and-as-of-yet-unfinished christmas gift, and got my first chance to use my new miter saw!

i made the bee a clothes rack for her closet-less room!


i followed the directions (mostly) from this post at smile and wave.  i only had 5′ boards, and somehow those seemed way too tall for my little munchkin, so i cut them down to 4′ (i think).  and i shortened the width to 36″ instead of 48″.  the 1/2″ dowel got really saggy at 48″. plus it would’ve been way too long to fit in her room.


i need to buy some nice wooden hangers, but look at all the little dresses!


the dowels should have fit snugly into the 1/2″ holes i drilled, but they were pretty loose, so i glued the bottom dowels into the boards, and put these little pins in the top dowel to keep the whole thing together. i didn’t want to glue in the top dowel because i wanted it to be collapsible for easy moving.


i like that her dresses won’t just be shoved into her dresser anymore, and that her dress-up suitcase fits right underneath so everything is in one tidy space. (not that it will stay that way!) i still need to paint it, and afterwards i’ll add a chain and some eye hooks so that it doesn’t slide open. i forgot how much i like working with wood – it’s been a long time. i’m really excited to plan a new project!

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