kids clothes week: purple dress and polka dot leggings

here’s my second outfit from kids clothes week!  i’m feeling less wordy today, so let’s just get right into it. (wordy. ((shakes head)) there’s a better word for that i’m sure.)

the dress pattern is the oliver & s sailboat shirt. i saw this post on the oliver & s blog, and thought yes! that! i extended the hem down and out a couple of inches, per brittany’s instruction, and removed that fun curve ‘cause i wanted it super clean and simple.


i used a purple corduroy that my friend ashley’s mom gifted me. ashley is in her late 20’s, and her mom bought this fabric way back when she was little, to make her something. how cute is that? i should have called this the ashley dress! derp. oh well.  i’m really terrible with “naming” the clothes. i called this the purple people eater dress on kcw. why? dunno. it’s purple.


i used cute little buttons that look like candy.


and this funky print for a facing…


and i made a pair of fancy pants leggings to go along with it. (remember my outfits goal?) look at how loooooong these are! seriously. she’s a size 1, walking around, acting like a three year old. tiny!


all the knits are from joann – a polka jersey, a solid purple…something? (this is kind of embarrassing. i should know this before i type. i really need to get out my books from knit design and freshen up). and there’s a striped something (not a jersey) under there too. bum shot!


all in all, i’m pleased with this outfit. i know she’ll wear it because it’s crazy brightly colored, though more pink would have really sealed the deal. the leggings are silly-long, but the pattern was super easy and i will definitely re-visit and re-size. i forgot how simple the sailboat top is, and it’s super cute as a dress.

and let me just talk about these pictures for a second… i added washi tape stripes to the walls because i didn’t have time for props (i was thinking balloons or something) and i thought this might help the photo shoot go more smoothly. we’ve definitely been struggling with those over here – i’m bored with the look of the photos, and i want to take my skillz to the next level, plus make it waaaay more fun for her. anyway, i was going for a plaid, and as i was putting the tape on the wall, i kept thinking ‘this looks so stupid’. but! they look like that hilarious laser background from grade school – you know the one. i kind of love it! plus, dada was home to help direct, and diffuse, and this shoot went so much better than our last few (or dozen). and i’m striving for better.

3 responses to “kids clothes week: purple dress and polka dot leggings

  1. In addition to the lasers, you should totally do a “ghost face” up in the corner to really bring back the school photo shoot! (Sincerely, I think these are some great shots. Look how happy and relaxed she looks!)

    Man, do I love the hidden surprises here. Great facing and great stripes on the leggings.

    • thank you ann! ghost face… teehee… i love that idea. i really think having dad there to direct and goof around with made it so much easier for both of us! this will be a family activity moving forward, i think.

      • I think you’re right – family involvement makes everything smoother. Also nice to have another adult around when it just occurred to you that you have the perfect prop. . . in another room on another floor. (I’m sure you’re way more organized, but that happens to me all the time.)

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