a foxy robe

i’m still catching up, posting about christmas gifts! can you believe it? i’ve been spending a lot of time making for myself lately (and not photographing or writing about any of it! take that blog!), so i’m sort of milking these last few posts, dragging them out for as long as i can. i made the bee a bathrobe for christmas, using the new (at least it was new back before christmas) made-by-rae fanfare flannel (organic cotton! yum!), and the sleepy robe pattern from melly sews.

here she is looking demure.


i used a turquoise flannel for the neck band thingy and the belt. i followed the instructions for placing the belt loops and belt, but they should have been at least two inches higher. my kid has got the roundest belly! consequently, this robe does not stay closed very well.


obligatory downdog pose.


this face!

we took pictures in the bee’s room, which was a big deal for me. we live in a rental house, which i have a serious love/hate relationship with. it’s kinda sorta ok, except that it’s freezing in the winter, and it’s painted all these weird colors everywhere. i feel incredibly self-conscious sharing photos of this house on my blog because i do not feel like it represents my taste or style at all! but i’m tired of doing photo shoots in one corner of my studio space (this is where the love portion of the relationship happens, because studio space!), and i’ve been letting that keep me from blogging and sharing as much as i’d like. so i’m trying to push myself to share a bit more and move out of my comfort zone, with HUGE disclaimers about the weirdness of this house!

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