this is almost the last of my christmas gift posts. phew! that only took two+ months!

i made the bee a poof for her playroom using the square floor cushion tutorial provided by made-by-rae. i used an anna maria horner velveteen, summer totem in bronze. the fabric coordinates beautifully with our bright pink bean bag chair from target (we call it the snuggle spot) and the orange cotton chenille cushion i made!


and corduroy piping! i was having a really hard time getting the colors to look right in this picture. it’s closest in the bottom picture.


i couldn’t get the bee to sit on the poof, or get into the pictures at all, so dolly is our stand-in. she looks comfy, right? plus, isn’t that rocking horse awesome?! when we were visiting maine a few years back for vacation, i found it at this fabulous salvage place. they sell enamel sinks, wrought iron beds, old windows, plus antique sewing machines, old jars, crazy furniture. i love it there! i would seriously move in if i could. anyway, it was kind of rusty and beat up, so i sanded it down and gave it a new coat of red and white paint. it’s missing stirrups, and i keep meaning to find some old belts to use. one day…


also, remember in my last post i was telling you how this house was weirdly decorated and i was sort of embarrassed to show more? (look at me leaving my comfort zone! pats self on back.) this room is a pretty mild example of the weirdness. there’s this drab historical color blue-grey bead board all the way around, with the same color on the trims and doors. and pale yellow walls, with faux wood floors. ick! the same goes for the bee’s room, right next door. we might be allowed to repaint, but we’re only renting. and we can’t re-do the floors! given the cost and energy we’d be putting into a place that we’re hoping to move out of soon, it hasn’t seemed worth the effort. (except when i’m taking pictures – then i wish we’d painted as soon as we moved in!) our dream is to be building our own place within a year, so i’m saving up all my decorating urges until then!

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