visible mending

i’ve been doing a bit of visible mending, mostly while watching tv in the evenings.


my husband’s double-gauze shirt with a worn-out elbow,



socks, and another button up shirt that got a big, weird tear in the back. don’t ask me how.


nothing new or groundbreaking here, but i am enjoying bringing renewed life to a worn out garment that might otherwise be cast aside. i actually like each of these more after they’ve been repaired. it does cut down on my upcycling options though – how great would that gingham be paired with some tulle?!

4 responses to “visible mending

  1. Ok, how are you doing the socks?! It looks woven! I just threw out a pair to darn it. I followed you over from your “why I sew” piece. Lady I am in love with that fabric you designed!!! I think it is destined to be the new upholstery in our vintage trailer. Is it possible to order color swatches? Love you stuff!

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