jellyfish mobile

while the bee has been completely ocean animal obsessed for months (have i told you about the jonathan bird videos today?), i’ve become slightly jellyfish obsessed, ever since making the jelly jams. a few weeks ago, we decided to slowly make the bee’s room ocean themed (though i’m honestly not sure how long that will last – we have a wizard of oz thing creeping in these days), so we started with a jellyfish mobile.

jellyfish mobile by hamster and the bee


we made papier mache bowls from pink tissue paper. once they were dry, we flipped them over and glued lengths of yarn around the insides.


i love how irregular and delicate they look!


and i love their shadows on the wall.


that beautiful, brightly colored cashmere blanket is by nitasia of reverie textiles. it is so snuggly – the bee sleeps with it every night these days.


it looks so funny from below. this is what the bee sees when she wakes in the morning.


i have ideas for the oral arms (those big, thick wavy bits that hang down in the center), but the bee was so excited to get them hung up that we haven’t had a chance to finish them yet. i wish there were hundreds, instead of just five. maybe we’ll make more and tape them to the ceiling all over! i’ve got designs on a tridacna clam pillow too…

6 responses to “jellyfish mobile

  1. WOW, I love these Jellies, so ethereal, fun and bright! And I was just about to comment and then saw the mention of the cashmere blanket, that’s really sweet of you. (Ashley and I made that one together.) I’m so glad she loves it – that’s always great to hear! p.s. hope you can make the 14th? Thanks for sharing the Jellies, our girls would love those, hmmmm, new project?

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