jelly jams

it’s kids clothes week again! woot woot!

the bee is in desperate need of new winter jammies, and while i’d hoped to be making fun dresses, instead i’m making fun jams from old t-shirts!


(this and the doo-wop pose are the current faves these days. this has a kind of ‘come at me bro’ feel to it, no?)


this one is OBSESSED with all things ocean right now, so i’ve added a jellyfish to the front of these jammies. talking on the phone, as they do. (this is inspired by one of the bee’s drawings, of a mama jelly talking on the phone, surrounded by baby jellies calling her name. this kid draws from life.)

(side note: if you have a wee one that’s totally into ocean animals and what-not, i highly recommend the blue world videos by jonathan bird on youtube. we watch several daily and they’re great!)


i pieced these all together mostly from old previously loved shirts. the lime is a thermal knit. i used the sleeves to make the leggings, retaining the original cuff.


i had to patch in a little crotch fabric, ala this tute.


the blue and white stripe is one of my old tees. i used the cuffs, well, as the cuffs.

as meg mentioned in her post, i found that working with limited fabrics really pushed me creatively – i don’t think i would have put together this shirt under other circumstances. and i totally love it! i suspect i’ll be doing more pattern/color piecing/blocking in the future. plus, i love this color combo.


the shirt is a flashback skinny tee. i love the pattern, just like all of the internets.


sleepy kid.

hey so, i kinda neglected to mention that i’m a guest contributor over at kids clothes week this season (again!). whoopsy! (i got soooooooooper sick a few weeks ago and just plain gave up on everything that was not absolutely necessary.) but now that you know, you should go check out my posts upcycle before: t-shirts and upcycle after: pants and leggings, plus all of the other great pre-festivities posts and giveaways and beautiful projects! i’ll be doing another post or two in a few weeks and i’ll be sure to share.

so, are you sewing anything for kids clothes week? let me know cause i want to see!

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