soft + stripey dress

this was the last project i completed for this season of kids clothes week. i had planned to make nothing but jammies, but cashmere was calling my name!

150206_SOFT STRIPEY DRESS_blog_2

this is the same self-drafted pattern as the bug dress. i originally drafted a size 4T, knowing full well that it would be too large, with room to grow (at 4, the bee is a solid size 3T). I didn’t think that the bug dress looked too oversized, except at the neckline, but this one kind of looks enormous. i think it’s because of the differences in fabric – the bug knit was an interlock from birch organics, and much heftier than this black and white striped, upcycled and lightweight t-shirt fabric. this one’s got too much drape which makes it look floppy and saggy. oh well.

150206_SOFT STRIPEY DRESS_blog_5i was really inspired by the bell-shaped and gathered existing sleeves on a cashmere sweater, and had intended to use only that and stripes. but after MANY mishaps (like cutting out two of the same sleeve!) i needed to patch in something to make it work. i willingly jumped on the floral + stripes bandwagon!

150206_SOFT STRIPEY DRESS_blog_4

i tried out this funny little wavy zig-zag stitch on my machine that i’ve never used before. i like it, but i think it’s a bit much here.

150206_SOFT STRIPEY DRESS_blog_3

the cashmere had lots of holes, but after cutting a sewing, there was only one left. a little visible mending took care of that. i’m a big fan of visible mending these days!

150206_SOFT STRIPEY DRESS_blog_1

i enjoyed the experimentation, and there are elements of this dress that i like, but all-in-all, it’s not my favorite. but the bee thinks it’s “so snuggly”, so i guess that’s all that matters!

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