bug dress

long time no see, old friends! i’m trying to get back into the swing of this… let’s see how it goes? i have lots to share, if i can only get some momentum going!

i made the bee a dress covered with bugs for christmas! the fabric is from teagan white’s acorn trail collection, a knit in organic cotton, which i purchased from my lovely friend leah’s shop.

raglan sleeve dress by hamster and the bee

the pattern is self-drafted, starting with a basic raglan tee. i mentioned waaaay back that i had been learning pattern drafting, and i’ve been quite shy about sharing my work. i’m trying to get over it. i’m taking lauren dahl’s course, silently lurking in her facebook group, and slowly but steadily getting the hang of it.

raglan sleeve dress by hamster and the bee

so the dress is a flared a-line thing, with a center front and back pleat. there’s lots of fullness for playing and twirling! it might be a bit big, but i consider that room for growing. if there’s one thing i’ve learned from lauren’s course, it’s that my kid is definitely tiny! she’s a solid size 3 right now (at almost 4.5 years old!), and everything is too long for her. i drafted this as a size 4, with the hopes that it will fit next year as well.

raglan sleeve dress by hamster and the bee

it’s got a high-low hem going on, which i think might be a bit too high in the front.

raglan sleeve dress by hamster and the bee

raglan sleeve dress by hamster and the bee

i love this cheek and chin pudge so much!

raglan sleeve dress by hamster and the bee

i couldn’t figure out how to handle the hem, so I created a facing, which looks nice and adds body to the bottom.

all-in-all, i’m quite pleased! it wasn’t immediately received with joy on christmas morning (how could it compete with all of the store-bought sparkly clothes from my family??) but it seems to be a solid contender for the constant dress rotation.

as a side note, i drafted the green leggings pattern too, as a jumping off point for something else that never jumped. i’m starting to see the value now in not recreating the wheel – if someone has a perfectly awesome leggings pattern, why must i invest energy in creating another?  some lessons are slowly learned i guess!

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