fake meat ftw!

i’m so very pleased with the silly, useless gift that i made my husband for christmas!
felt pork belly!


tim received the momofuko cookbook from a relative for christmas, and i wanted to get him a big piece of special order meat to accompany it. but seeing as how i was totally behind on gift shopping due to a trip to mexico, there was no time for a visit to the butcher or the farmer. so i whipped up this little felt guy as a cuddly representative of my i.o.u.!



i googled some images of pork belly, and sketched out a stripy design onto freezer paper. i used my freezer paper pattern to cut out the larger base pieces first. then i backed some red and pink with steam-a-seam for the smaller pieces. after ironing them into place, i used my free-motion embroidery foot and my sewing machine to stitch them on, before stitching the whole thing together like you would a sewn box or cube. he measures about 5″ x 6″ x 1.5″.


i’m particularly fond of the fatty bit on the top there. stuffed, soft, sewn meats just tickle me! y’all don’t even know about my obsession with toy/softie food. one day i’ll share the rest of my work in this vein! (ewww, was that a weird gross meat pun? i think it was.)


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