gathered darts!

i had to take a wee hiatus from blogging for fundraisers, end of school, road trips and stuff. it all became too much! but i’m starting to get back into the swing of things and i have stuff to share!

so, gathered darts. this is my favorite dart by far. you can tell by the exclamation point in the title!

150503_GATHERED DARTS_blog_1

seriously. how sweet is this?!

150503_GATHERED DARTS_blog_4

150503_GATHERED DARTS_blog_2

the back. you’d have to line this i think. there’s a lot going on back there…

150503_GATHERED DARTS_blog_3

and you wouldn’t want it to unravel at that little point. there is a row of tiny stitches just at the edge of the point, per the instruction from my trusty vogue sewing book.

150514_GATHERED DARTS_blog_5

i really want to use this in something, but what? i’m keeping it in the back of my mind as i dream up things to sew…


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