dried herbs and garden clean-up

yesterday at lunch i spent a few minutes putting dried herbs gathered from our garden into jars…

along a similar vein… the sun peeked out for a bit on sunday so we did some impromptu clean up in the garden to get ready for winter. we put the dirt from our large containers that once held herbs, onions and tomatoes onto the beds in the garden. we also started taking down the fence and moved our potting table to the side of the house, all to make room for tilling before the ground freezes. i have learned over the past 9 months that i really like working in the garden, no matter what the task or season. it was a bit sad to see it so brown and dead this weekend, but i’m excited about getting it ready for next year. and i enjoy the labor of it as well. i’m not much into exercising, but i don’t think i shy away from physical work. i’m ready to get out there with a pitchfork again! now we just need a sunny day…

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