up next: sewing

now that we’ve returned (and recovered) from our trip, there’s much to be done.  top priority should be winterizing our home with wooden frames and plastic film, strictly utilitarian curtains, and draft snakes, but then i’m moving on to colette’s juniper pants.  i already have several yards of black cotton twill that i purchased for my charles dress before switching to blue linen.  i’m giving myself plenty of time to complete these – no crazy deadlines!

i also really want to make the bee’s school photo dress (which had been planned for kcwc, but fell to the side).  i’ve dropped the idea of a cloud and rain embellishment, and instead i’d love to make something like sally’s dresses from richard scarry’s books…

i love his illustrations so much, which is good because the bee makes me read so many of his books over and over.  i love the little details that he adds, and how quirky and imprecise the drawings are.  i always want everything i make to be perfect, but these illustrations beg me to redefine perfection for myself.

so, maybe a faux button placket with scallop trim?  a peter pan collar?  this one will take some planning…

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