working on: winterizing

this may be the most un-intersting picture i ever post here!

remember when i mentioned how cold our rental house is?  well, we are currently in the process of winterizing our home.  mister and my father-in-law have been building frames from 1×2’s that fit inside each window (all 21 of them!).  we’re putting that shrinky plastic film (that’s a technical name) on both sides of each frame, running foam insulation tape around the outside, and then squeezing the frames into the windows. we’ve only completed a few windows so far, but it does seem to help a lot.  if you feel the need to cover your windows with shrinky plastic film, i might recommend this process.  you get double the insulating plastic and no icky residue from double stick tape on your window frames.

also included on the list of ways to winterize are draft snakes and curtains.  i was planning to make the draft snakes from a cute pattern i found in an old craftzine, or maybe from lotta jansdotter’s simple sewing book… but then we found them for 4 bucks at a local discount store.  as much as i would love to have everything in our home be handmade, not mass-produced, it just seemed crazy to spend hours working on something that will be inevitably treated very poorly.  so, we bought some.  i’m sure that i can find other places to invest my creative energy!

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