working on: indigo cable and lace

lately it’s been pretty cold outside (and inside!), and all i want to do is curl up under some blankets, read books and knit.  right now i’m working on a tunic vest for myself using an indigo colored (not dyed from indigo) mohair/merino yarn from decadent fibers called cookie dough.  i picked this up at the new york sheep and wool festival years ago, and i’m excited to have finally found something to make with it.  (i’m trying to use up as much stash yarn as possible this winter.)  the pattern is gentle teresa from knitty issue first fall 2012.  the construction seems simple, but it has lace and a cable running up the front, which is a bit fancier than what i’m normally attracted to.  i am enjoying knitting it though.  i always complain about knitting in straight stitch; it’s nice to be knitting something that requires a bit of concentration, but not so much that i can’t talk while i’m at it!

this yarn is a bit coarse and bristly (in a good way!) due to the mohair, and it’s hand-dyed and slightly variegated.  as with sewing patterns and fabrics, i tend to make odd choices when selecting knitting patterns and yarn, so i was a bit worried that all of the yarn color and texture, combined with lace and cable would lead to me making a very muppety, shaggy, hairy-looking vest.  even the words tunic vest sound unattractive to me!  but i’m really loving the way it’s coming together, and i’m optimistic that i will have made a good pattern and yarn choices in the end.  the vest couldn’t look lovelier on jean chung, so i have my fingers crossed!

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