posting has been difficult. the winter light in this house is kind of awful, which makes taking good photos next to impossible.  the natural light is very harsh, casting shadows everywhere.  and our walls are all painted a yellow-ish color in most of the rooms.  i feel like all of my photos look sick lately!  add to this challenge the fact that a lot of what i’m working on right now are super secret gifts, and i’m plum out of stuff to share!  so please forgive me if posts are light between now and new years.  i’m hoping to get some excellent lights, and maybe create a lightbox like this one, as soon as the holiday pressure eases.  and after christmas i can share a big project that i’ve been working on for gifts to our families!  can’t wait!

in the meantime, here are a few photos of what we’ve been up to:



thanksgiving hugs

thanksgiving hugs!

duck wash

duck washing


girls day out & lunch

paper tree detail

paper trees


crazy foggy drive home from boston, celebrating my rad sister-in-laws 30th!


stocking up for the holidays!

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