where i’ve been, plus peanut butter and jelly!

i’ve been busy guys… lyme disease, antibiotics, three colds for the bee and i (each!), visitors, gift making, purchasing and wrapping, cooking and celebrating of the holidays… and i have been completely wiped out.  what with being sick and all, i had to prioritize, you know, and this little blog thing here, well it fell straight to the bottom of the list.

but i’m easing my way back in.  i got lots of great photography gear for the holidays that i’m itching to play with.  plus, the study of light e-course by arrow and apple!  i’m so excited to start this class, but i want to wait until i’m feeling a bit more energetic.

so i think i’ll jump back in by sharing some of the gifts i made for christmas.  inside this bag here…?


this is the peanut butter and jelly game by wild olive, featured on whip up.  i’ve had this thing bookmarked forever, just waiting ’til i could make it for the bee.


i think it turned out really well.  i added a blanket stitch around the edge as sort of a faux-crust.  she loves it, but doesn’t quite understand “taking turns” or, you know, “rules” yet.  she puts the die between her two little hands, with the color she wants facing up, then turns it a few times and puts it down saying “i got bread mama!”.  and no one else gets to roll the die.  or build a sandwich.  one day…


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