some photos…

i thought i’d share some instagram photos of what we’ve been up to these last two weeks…


in honor of our sweets-lovin’ friend george’s visit, we made a banana cream pie.  it was tha bomb.  the recipe is from tartine, which is hands-down the most beautiful cookbook i own.  the desserts are delicious, and the instructions are great, but they are labor intensive so they’re mostly reserved for special occasions.


my in-laws got baby chicks a few weeks ago.  they were so squee that first week i didn’t want to leave them!  but now they’re getting awkward and kind of big.  i’m actually pleased that my love for them has faded into a pragmatic respect.  i’d love to have laying hens (soon?) but was afraid of getting too emotionally attached.


but seriously?  SQUEE!


there’s been lots of muddy, barefoot, sometimes naked, sprinkler play!


i learned how the toilet works.  twice.


we did “experiments”, creating solutions.  this bought me an hour to work.  she was fascinated with scooping, stirring and pouring.


my indigo patch!


and several serious, dirty car naps.  this one was after we dug for clams at the beach.

i hope you’re having as fun a spring as we are!  if you are on instagram, follow me!

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