baby birds

we’ve been following the progress of some baby birds that have made a home on our front porch.  i think they hatched about two weeks ago, when we found some pieces of a tiny eggshell on our steps.


for over a week, we couldn’t see any sign of the babies, except that the mama was often gone, perhaps looking for food.  then one evening last week, when my in-laws came over with lobster for dinner (yay maine!), i saw five little fluffy bums and beaks in the nest!  everyday i said i would take a picture, and i finally got around to it on saturday.


they’re already so big now!  i suspect that within a week or two, they’ll be flying.  i love their grumpy little faces.

my photos aren’t great – i didn’t want to get too close, and scare the babies, or their mama watching from a nearby tree, too badly.


i love checking in on them everyday, and i really want to keep them safe.  i know that there’s not much i can do, that they are on their own.  just like with my own daughter growing up, i’m worried about them leaving the nest (literally) and i’ll miss them when they’re gone, but i’m very excited to see them succeed!

4 responses to “baby birds

  1. So cute! The same thing happened to me! I had 4 cardinal chicks right outside my bedroom window (one was a day later than the others). A week later 3 left the nest and the late one was still in the nest. When I got a little too close to take a picture I scared him but he thankfully he flew away.

    • and the day after i wrote it, they flew away! i was so sad.

      i tried to leave you a comment on your camper hat post, that i was using it in my kcw hat round-up, but blogger wasn’t working for me (operator error, i’m sure). so, surprise! it’s a wonderful pattern, thank you!

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