birthday skirt

it was my birthday at the end of june, and i decided to make myself a skirt.  it’s been a while since i got to sew for myself.  i used a marimeko-esque sheet from the goodwill, and gertie’s gathered shirt tutorial.  i love it!


(please forgive this ridiculous picture.  it was really hard to take a photo of myself, running back and forth between the camera and the wall!  plus, i am a terrible model!  i get all awkward in front of a camera.  this was one of two without a grimace on my face, or with my arms doing weird things.  it might be off-center, but it’ll do.)

4 responses to “birthday skirt

  1. I love this skirt. Such a bold and summery print & I can’t help but dig that we share the same body type therefore I can picture myself in this style and know it will look nice. Selfies are a tough one, but it shows the skirt well! Great work lady.


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