the goat tee

i finished a t-shirt with a goat on it for the bee. i kind of love it. it’s appliquéd with that double-sided stuff, and hand stitching for all the details except around the ears, which are machine-stitched. (you can tell that i’ve never really done an appliqué before, right?) i’m sure that it won’t last long, though a friend pointed out that as the edges that aren’t sewn down begin to fray, it will look more goaty. that’ll be nice!


she’s smiling for dada. she doesn’t do that for me in front of the camera.


i sized up this self-drafted tee, but WAY, cause look! it’s almost a dress! i realize that i have no idea what i’m doing, and am about to break down and purchase an awesome t-shirt pattern. like this one. i’ve learned so much by trying to do it myself, and that’s great, but i also don’t need to be so stubborn when someone has (generously) done all this work already!


(goat detail. the design is by tigerpup embroidery)

i’m also realizing that i love this super serious/spaced out face that the bee makes. i always gravitate towards photos like this! but smiling is nice. i should show more smiling pictures. she really is a happy kid, i swear.


(at a party recently, someone said she has an old soul. i like that. i think it’s in the eyes.)

i think this will likely be my last post for the week, and for kids clothes week. i know that i promised a sideways-on-ya-head cap resizing tutorial, but heat and math do not mix well. like fried clams and running. (try it, you’ll see.) the sun is too bright and my daughter wants too badly to play in the water, and i cannot bring myself to keep her indoors while i sew and photograph and write. if the week had been rainy, then this might have played out differently. (but i’ve already made a bunch of hats!) we have friends visiting, and mister’s got two days off, and we’re going to play!

until next week, my friends! happy making!

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