duck tee

woohoo! i FINALLY finished something for kids clothes week! i made the bee a new raglan sleeve t-shirt from two old shirts. the ducks are from a souvenir t-shirt from the Sea of Galilee. the bee loves ducks, but you wouldn’t know it by this picture.


it’s been about 90 degrees for the past few days, and we’re all sticky and groggy and dirty when we’re not floating in a lake or pond. she’s rocking some serious bed-head here, and honestly, i didn’t even have the energy to go find a brush. i was just happy that she let me put clothes on her and take a picture. we rewarded ourselves with lemonade in the kiddie pool after!


i upsized this self-drafted pattern from the size 2T horsey tee i made in april, but i’m not loving it. somehow it came out too wide and too short. i also sewed the neck band on with too large a seam allowance, so the opening’s too big and the band too narrow. i’ve got some changes to make for next time!


but she can down dog in it, so there’s that.


this pretty much sums up our energy level around here these days. i hope to have another t-shirt for tomorrow, but the lakes are calling to me…

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