little bear!

i’ve been absent from this space lately, but by now i have so many awesome things to share, i can’t wait!

i hope everyone had a fabulous holiday! ours was… powerless. we had a crazy ice storm here in maine, just before that polar vortex thing hit everyone, everywhere, and our house was without power (no heat or running water!) for four days. we were lucky to be able to spend those days with friends and family, and many people had it much worse for much longer, but it did throw a wrench in my gift making and photographing. i’ll be the first to admit that if that’s my biggest complaint, then i am blessed!


our backyard looked like a winter wonderland! and if i hadn’t been so frazzled and forgotten my camera during our christmas eve packing/gift wrapping/very cold escape to my in-laws, i could have shown you pictures of their property, which looked absolutely magical.



i made the bee this little bear hat well before christmas.  it’s from the oliver & s little things to sew book. my only complaint would be that it does not cover enough of her neck in the back. and maybe it’s a tad big, though i did make the 4-6 size for a 3 year old. but on the upside, it looks adorable on almost every adult that has tried it on. you’d actually be surprised at the number of adults that want to wear this hat!


i used a pink cashmere sweater from the goodwill, and nano iro double gauze as the lining, with a layer of flannel in between for warmth. i also braided a few different pink ribbons and yarn for the ties.

as much as the bee likes to wear hats, this one took a few days of convincing to get her to put it on. she doesn’t like the strings to hang down, because she doesn’t want our cats to attack them.  ?!?  she feels the same way about scarves, and it doesn’t matter if they’re hers or ours. this was the source of a lot of tears for about a week – just hysterics any time we’d get dressed to leave the house. it’s especially funny because our cats are afraid of our coats… the big puffy down ones that make a swishing sound when you move them around. you’ve probably never even thought about this sound, but our cats definitely have. they bolt any time we take our coats out, or put them on or take them off. or move our coats. or look at our coats the wrong way. the idea that they would approach us when we’re even thinking about putting our coats on is ridiculous!


she’s a cute little crazy bear though.

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